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Battery Recycling Pack

Most of us know that throwing batteries in the bin is bad news for the environment, so we asked some children what they wanted to do about it and they said:

REDUCE the amount we use
REUSE them
RECYCLE the used ones

What's in the pack?

We really care about reducing the harmful impact batteries have on the environment, so we’ve created a school recycling pack. It’s part of a national battery recycling campaign, devised by children and it’s easy and fun for schools to get involved. The pack includes:

  • A school assembly introduction to battery recycling.
  • Differentiated lesson plans for different key stages and linked to the relevant parts of the curriculum.
  • An inter-school recycling competition. Boxes, posters, prizes and ongoing collection of the batteries included.
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How can you get involved?

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, a parent or guardian, you can promote battery recycling in your schools! We’ve devised a fun, educational and engaging way to facilitate battery recycling in school. It’s designed to be child or teacher led, to boost your schools green credentials and help the environment! To get involved order your pack here or contact us for more information.