Together we can make a difference

Welcome to Recycle Now!

As a partner, we want to provide you with quantitative information in order for you to monitor and measure the effective of your battery recycling campaign!

  • Through you are able to access the following information:

    1. A list of names of your collection sites
    2. The anticipated quantity of batteries collected
    3. The actual quantity of waste batteries recycled (and saved from landfill!)
  • Download reports to share with other interested parties
  • Measure how many waste batteries you’ve saved from landfill and estimate how much resource you’ve recycled for reuse in manufacturing.
  • Promote any publicity campaigns by linking with our website.


We’re always keen to hear of any new ways in which we are able to work together to make a difference and encourage waste minimisation, reuse and recycling. To find out more please call us on 0845 094 2226 or email