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Business Green week – bringing sustainability to the office (17/06/2016)

The ecosurety team have embraced Business Green Week, which is part of the Big Green Week in Bristol with small fun events based around different themes each day. The aim of Business Green Week is for companies to recognise their contributions to sustainability in the wider community and to make small changes towards being “green.”

The themes for each day of the week were:

Monday: "Think Global"

Tuesday: "Act Local"

Wednesday: "Low Impact Day"

Thursday: "Better Travel Day”

Friday: "Feel Good Friday"

We started off the week with a Monday lunchtime viewing of a Ted Talk by Leyla Acaroglu “Paper beats plastic? How to rethink environmental folklore” which challenges some of the preconceptions we have about environmental choices we make. It sparked some interesting and thought-provoking discussions in the office!

Tuesday’s activity for “act local” involved giving out wildflower seeds, with the view to create a meadow-patch – great for plants and bees and to brighten up the local community!

Wednesday’s “low impact day” saw a ban on use of the printers and air-con in the office to try and reduce the environmental impact of things so commonly used in the workplace.

The aim on Thursday “better travel day” was to travel sustainably into work. Methods of transport included lift-sharing, cycling and walking to work, rather than driving – a great challenge to make us think of alternative transport available to help reduce the environmental impact of the commute.

Finally, “Feel good Friday” saw lunchtime fun and games being held on the grass outside the office to allow the team to enjoy the environment around us and spark some healthy competition!