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New ‘Planet Protectors’ school engagement project launches (08/06/2016)

ecosurety, the UK’s leading compliance scheme and resource efficiency specialist, has announced a new Corporate Social Responsibility project to benefit school children called Planet Protectors. This follows on from the success of the 2015 CSR project, joinmyjourney.

The Planet Protectors project will develop and deliver workshops to primary school children aged seven to nine years old to raise awareness around the connected issues of habitat loss, waste and recycling.

Project leader Olivia Green commented “I have the pleasure of leading this year’s CSR initiative, having previously worked on a project akin to this when I was studying at Cambridge University. I was so inspired by how much the children got out of it that I couldn’t wait to develop it further.”

“Whilst studying natural sciences as an undergraduate, I was a member of the Cambridge University Environmental Consulting Society. We developed and delivered biodiversity workshops to three local primary schools, and this year we’ve altered the concept slightly to focus more on waste and habitats. In my previous experience I found the children were inquisitive, excited and empowered by the workshops; and the teachers gave us some fantastic feedback too.”

The workshops will be available to a number of schools in Bristol for free. Future plans include developing a website with online versions of the workshops which could reach children all over the UK. To find out more please contact