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Green Dot Labelling Requirements (19/05/2016)

The Green Dot logo is used in a number of European countries to demonstrate compliance with Packaging Producer Responsibility legislation. We have some tips on how to ensure correct use of the Green Dot, if your business displays the symbol on your packaging.

Firstly, the only countries where use of the Green Dot is mandatory are France, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal. Throughout the rest of the EU, use of the symbol is voluntary. Countries where the Green Dot may not be displayed, because it is not recognised, are Italy, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

If your company is exporting packaging to any countries where the Green Dot is used, it probably makes most financial and practical sense to display the symbol on all packaging produced, rather than printing separate packaging for different markets, even if there is no legal obligation to do so.

In the UK, displaying the Green Dot is allowed, if used correctly, though it is not mandatory. This is because we already have the PRN system in place which ensures that obligated producers have financed their share of recycling and complied with the UK Packaging Regulations. If your company is a brand-holder of packaging that does display the Green Dot in the UK, it is important to ensure that the trademark is being used correctly.

If your company is using the Green Dot, you have an obligation to ensure that a license is held for use of the trademark symbol.

Each country has its own separate license, each of which must be purchased separately from a license holder in that country. Recycle Now’s sister company, ecosurety, holds a license which is available to all members of the Packaging Compliance Scheme.

If you have any questions about whether your company should be displaying the Green Dot, or if you are using it in the UK and would like to discuss obtaining a licence, please contact us on 0845 094 2228.