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How EU membership benefits the UK environment (28/04/2016)

As the EU referendum draws closer, ecosurety has been considering how the UK has benefitted from being part of the EU from an environmental perspective.

We supported the position of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, when they stated last month that being members of the EU has improved the UK's approach to environmental protection.

In our opinion, the UK would not have made as significant progress were it not that we were part of the EU. ecosurety works with over 1000 clients who, as a result of EU Directives, have implemented systems to support recycling and reduce waste.

As well as this, we believe that improvements to recycling, the protection of wildlife and reduction in pollution would not have happened were the UK not a member of the EU. The report issued by the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee has confirmed our view that the UK should remain part of the EU.

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